• Nikki Brock-Maruska

Are You Buried or Planted?

Are You Buried or Planted?

World renown minister T.D. Jakes asks the question because being “planted” and “buried” look the same but are very different. Its dark, quiet, covered in dirt and lonely. If you don’t know the difference, you’ll remain still with indecision or recycle the same decisions and feel like you’re not moving forward. Fear, self-doubt and negativity sets in until the pressures overtakes you. Today know that you are planted. Chose to grow…. Reach. Stretch to the light everyday like it’s your last. All that represents light will respond with love. This is not a one-time occurrence. It is a process and cycle of renewal. Aspects of us will be planted repeatedly in an effort to evolve into a higher level of performance and existence. We must awake each day and chose to be healed, strengthened and refocused. Beware, this will change the way you walk, talk and think. You’ll even look different and others will wonder what’s changed about you. While on this journey be brave…. because you are planted. #

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